Thank you for your consideration in making a donation to GauntletWarriors! We apprechiate any help we can get to cover the cost of our Unreal Tournament servers our Teamspeak 3 server and our website and our domain name.

Our operation costs have went up a bit recently since we moved to a new machine but this should pay off in the long run for hosting reliable servers that will run GateWays better than any host we have ever had in the past!

Our operation costs as of now stack up like this,
We rented out a new Virtual Dedicated Server that costs about $39.99 a month plus the extra IP addresses we have bought for the other servers which cost: $5.59. Our total cost for running all 3 GateWays Unreal Tournament servers comes to: $45.58 every month. Our TeamSpeak 3 server only costs: $26.88 every 6 months. Our web hosting for our website (and server redirect) costs us: $81.40 a year. Our domain name costs us: $11.49 a year.

Thanks go out to everyone who supported us this year!


Thanks to everyone who supported us in 2016