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 Post subject: Army from Hell
PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2015 9:27 pm 
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So, yesterday I ran into an extremely interesting (and terrifying) combination of bugs on the main server. This particular combination involved a pair of gateways that never properly spawned even though they keep trying, bad timing, the boss wave spawn glitch, and Blackjack.

Allow me to explain further.

One of the minor bugs I have found that both servers have in Gauntlet is that when the gate counter reaches zero, the boss wave spawns, but there is still a killable gate active. Killing that gate spawns a second wave of bosses. Irritating sometimes, but not crippling.
On the main server though in Gauntlet (particularly the high gate count gauntlet), there is another glitch. What happens is that a random pair of gates try to spawn in, only when they do, they try to "fall out" of the map, exploding on contact with the ground. Up in the upper right hand of the screen, you can see this happening as every time it occurs a message saying "The Gateway was destroyed.". These gates do count for the gateway total, but only during the short period between spawning in and going active (monsters spawning through it).

On 007Bunker, I had the misfortune of killing the last counted gate I believe during the random gate spawn and death. The normal gate kill spawned in the wave of 7 Blackjacks. And then the other two gates dying spawned in another 14. Difficult, but easily workable with a Starred IRPR w/ high damage and high fire rate.
So, i go running around killing the rapefaces from hell, and then another wave of Blackjacks spawned in from the random spawn and dying gates.
And then another.
And another
And another
And another.

Every minute or so on the dot another wave of Blackjacks would spawn in, making a task that was once difficult into something outright unwinnable. I think by the time i screwed up and got myself killed, there was over 400 Blackjacks spawned on the map (and my ping was over 500ms). Its at that point i just said screw it and bailed. No way in hell I was going to take on an army of Blackjacks without nukes.

 Post subject: Re: Army from Hell
PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2015 9:31 pm 
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We've known about this error for some time. It's never happened to the extent you described, but otherwise it's nothing new. I'd written a hypothesis in the errors log a while back, but since then it's become more of a "Feature" than the bug it truly is, known as "The Bonus Gate"

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