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Server Fixes 3/23/2013
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Author:  nOs*Wildcard [ Sat Mar 23, 2013 12:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Server Fixes 3/23/2013

Ever noticed how when the server restarts or crashes it no longer goes to Mazon?
Noticed how when players voted after the server crashes that maps start having mixes of siege and gauntlet?
Now, when you play today you should notice it's all fixed ;)

It was a pain in the ass and involved a lot of codding and stupid work arounds but I got the server operating correctly after crashes and the correct mods run for the Siege and Gauntlet and none mix. Let me reiterate it was a lot of workk I had to change mapvotes setup entirely and code a new mod that would ensure the right mods run for the right games as well as I made a dumb map the server boots up on that kind of slaps the server on the side of the face with a fish untill it wakes up and goes to the designated boot map with the correct mod setup.

This now adds closure to the Mazon reboot you all had dreaded. I could have had the server boot at Mazon still with the correct mods and it would be fixed but that map has left a sour taste in many players mouth for that reason so I thought I'd have the server boot up at a good ol' game of SiegeXtreme Monster Madness at Hillforts. Even with hypnotist the map is fair enough that even some of the unexperienced players can survive..... THAT IS if they clear the core room ASAP when the mercenaries spawn there! We need to edit that map sometime.

Anyways Job Is DONE.

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