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 Post subject: Onslaught
PostPosted: Sat Aug 29, 2015 7:02 pm 
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I've played the GCX5-BurgerWars map too many times to count. I've began to 'play' with the map, when I'm alone (I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere). I'll scoop up the mass destruction weapons every chance I get, until I get a "Cybot Launcher". That's when I begin to really play.

I'll build up a fortress of level 1 cybots at the corner of the map, where the nukes/cybot re-spawn point is. I'll keep scooping up the cybot pack and spreading more level 1 cybots all around the corner of the map to build up a 'fortress' of sorts. Then I'll build a forcefield around the re-spawn point, and more cybots inside the forcefield to defend the area.

As time goes on, and the corner of the map is pretty well secured, I've always wondered what would happen if an 'onslaught' of monsters spawning all around the map came after my fortress. If the re-spawn point gives a new cybot pack every 60-90 seconds, it would give me time to repair destroyed cybots, or even re-enforce my forcefield with another one, before another onslaught of monsters spawn again. The entire level would be timed to about 20 minutes, so if the player could survive a full 20 minutes of 'waves' of monsters, they would win the map.

I absolutely love cybots. A whole new game could be made around them. Their versatility to become both defensive and offensive bots creates a new dimension to the game. I've seen one of the admins trigger a 'wave' of monsters during one of the maps. That would be awesome to be able to do on my own, to test out the fortress.

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 Post subject: Re: Onslaught
PostPosted: Tue Sep 15, 2015 11:27 pm 
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Cybots are fun, no doubt about that...
...and they're very interactive with monsters, and the monsters fight them back. Ultimately the only problem comes back to how many cybots you're using and how tough the monster in question is.

Especially fun in low gravity areas with a lot of room to battle above and below!

I'd caution against having any bots get ahold of the cybot launcher, because then you'll be up to your eyeballs in them in a matter of seconds:


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